New York Times Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Desktop computer covered by AppleCare 4 letters IMAC
Opposite of buys 5 letters SELLS
PBS science show since 1974 4 letters NOVA
___ Raton Fla. 4 letters BOCA
Clothing crease 5 letters PLEAT
Like the climate of Death Valley 4 letters ARID
Easy-to-peel citrus fruits 15 letters
Sherri’s twin sister on The Simpsons 5 letters TERRI
Stockpile 5 letters AMASS
Main ingredients in meringue 9 letters EGGWHITES
Verbal shrug 3 letters MEH
Warmly welcome as a new era 7 letters USHERIN
Whack on the head 3 letters BOP
Do not ___ (blackboard words) 5 letters ERASE
Variety 3 letters ILK
Big name in tractors 5 letters DEERE
Shapes of Frisbees and tiddlywinks 5 letters DISKS
Welcome gift upon arriving at Honolulu International Airport 3 letters LEI
Mascara mishap 5 letters SMEAR
Sore as after a workout 4 letters ACHY
NASCAR champion Hamlin 5 letters DENNY
Apt name for a car mechanic? 4 letters OTTO
Scientist’s workplace 3 letters LAB
Facial expressions 7 letters VISAGES
Do you ___ my drift? 3 letters GET
What many children begin to do in kindergarten 4 letters READ
Practice for a bout 4 letters SPAR
Website with trivia quizzes 7 letters SPORCLE
Medicine that doesn’t actually contain medicine 7 letters PLACEBO
Axed 4 letters HEWN
Love to pieces 5 letters ADORE
Estate beneficiary 4 letters HEIR
Coffeehouse dispensers 4 letters URNS
First episode in a TV series 5 letters PILOT
Change for a five 4 letters ONES
Try out 4 letters TEST
Cherry throwaways 5 letters STEMS
World capital where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded 4 letters OSLO
Creator of Watson on Jeopardy! 3 letters IBM
Protective trench 4 letters MOAT
Target of the skin cream Retin-A 4 letters ACNE
Close-knit group 5 letters CADRE
Bits of parsley 6 letters SPRIGS
Man’s name hidden in reliableness 3 letters ELI
Man’s name hidden in reliableness 3 letters LEN
Language akin to Thai 3 letters LAO
Low-altitude clouds 6 letters STRATI
Grannies 5 letters NANAS
A.C.L.U. and others 4 letters ORGS
Fights (for) 4 letters VIES
Commercials 3 letters ADS
Has a war of words 6 letters ARGUES
Changes as the Constitution 6 letters AMENDS
Fritters (away) as time 6 letters WHILES
Montana’s capital 6 letters HELENA
Peeving 6 letters IRKING
Purple Heart e.g. 5 letters MEDAL
TV journalist Hill 5 letters ERICA
Crispy breakfast side dish 10 letters HASHBROWNS
Salad base similar to Swiss chard 10 letters BEETGREENS
Speak from a podium say 5 letters ORATE
Two-time presidential candidate Ross 5 letters PEROT
The ___ is falling! (Chicken Little’s cry) 3 letters SKY
Angsty music genre 3 letters EMO
Worked out in a pool 7 letters DIDLAPS
We should do that! 7 letters YESLETS
Rug cleaner informally 3 letters VAC
Spot for a mud facial 3 letters SPA
___ & Young (accounting firm) 5 letters ERNST
Bless you! elicitor 5 letters ACHOO
Closed 4 letters SHUT
Father in French 4 letters PERE
Make tweaks to 4 letters EDIT
Dance with a king and queen 4 letters PROM
Actress Jessica of Hitchcock 4 letters BIEL
Approximately 4 letters ORSO
Fútbol cheer 3 letters OLE

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