New York Times Crossword March 5 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword March 5 2021 Answers:

Pitched poorly 6 letters OFFKEY
Trace element? 7 letters STENCIL
Two-dimensional 6 letters PLANAR
Era that began in the late 1950s 8 letters SPACEAGE
Any ___? 6 letters TAKERS
The Statue of Liberty for one 8 letters COLOSSUS
Gets along (with) 4 letters GELS
End of a three-word U.S. president name 5 letters BUREN
Monopoly token 3 letters HAT
Student’s burden often 4 letters DEBT
Showed 4 letters CAME
Like lambs 5 letters OVINE
Co-performer with Shakira at Super Bowl LIV informally 3 letters JLO
Overly glib 3 letters PAT
Lecture alternative 7 letters SEMINAR
Home country of N.B.A. phenom Luka Doncic 8 letters SLOVENIA
God send the companion a better prince! I cannot ___ my hands of him: Henry IV Part II 3 letters RID
Stray Dog director 1949 13 letters
Spot on advice? 3 letters PSA
Alternative to going to court 8 letters SETTLING
Sources of a modern addiction 7 letters SCREENS
Fleur-de-___ 3 letters LIS
Grp. with the motto Every child. One voice 3 letters PTA
Choreographer Twyla 5 letters THARP
Prince in The Little Mermaid 4 letters ERIC
Cover 4 letters VEIL
Work on a course 3 letters EAT
Widespread destruction 5 letters HAVOC
Sigmatism by another name 4 letters LISP
Pilots e.g. 8 letters EPISODES
Case for an entomologist 6 letters COCOON
Plant that may yield oil 8 letters REFINERY
False 6 letters PSEUDO
Guile 7 letters SLYNESS
How one should feel after a vacation 6 letters RESTED
Unsubscribe to a mailing list with out 3 letters OPT
Cell propellers 8 letters FLAGELLA
Resource for music performers 8 letters FAKEBOOK
Posed in the front row of a team photo say 5 letters KNELT
A katydid’s are found on its legs strangely enough 4 letters EARS
21 ’22 etc. 3 letters YRS
They may be blowing in the wind 6 letters SPORES
Account 4 letters TALE
If all ___ were laid end to end they would not reach a conclusion (quip attributed to Shaw) 10 letters ECONOMISTS
Duck Hunt console for short 3 letters NES
Make chips become bread? 6 letters CASHIN
Scaly pet 6 letters IGUANA
News anchor Holt 6 letters LESTER
Floating green layer 4 letters SCUM
Hand-dyed fabric 5 letters BATIK
Dance club hirees 3 letters DJS
Land promised by God to Abraham 6 letters CANAAN
Myra Breckinridge novelist 5 letters VIDAL
Goddess who serves as a major character in 2019’s Hadestown 10 letters PERSEPHONE
Blue 6 letters EROTIC
Epithet for the venomous Iago in Othello 5 letters VIPER
Northern neighbor of 29-Across: Abbr. 3 letters AUS
Dinosaur 5 letters RELIC
Doesn’t make it down the wave 8 letters WIPESOUT
Directly opposite point 8 letters ANTIPODE
Gadot of Wonder Woman 3 letters GAL
Pilots 6 letters STEERS
Where Hamlet overhears Claudius confessing to fratricide 6 letters CHAPEL
Formally approve 6 letters RATIFY
Lops off 6 letters SEVERS
Rubicund 4 letters ROSY
Many indulgences 5 letters VICES
Some beverage suffixes 4 letters ADES
Ditch 4 letters LOSE
Fathers warn against it 3 letters SIN
E.R. procedure that can be done to the beat of Stayin’ Alive 3 letters CPR
Hey there equivalent 3 letters NOD

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