New York Times Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Egyptian beetle 6 letters SCARAB
Word before sheet or battle 3 letters RAP
First president to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery 4 letters TAFT
Nabokov novel 6 letters LOLITA
Lobster ___ Newburg 3 letters ALA
Instrument that an orchestra tunes to 4 letters OBOE
X-rayed e.g. 6 letters IMAGED
Bit of acne 3 letters ZIT
Went 90 say 4 letters TORE
Intertwine 4 letters MESH
That in Tijuana 3 letters ESO
Classic Led Zeppelin song represented by the ascending circled letters and this answer 6 letters HEAVEN
Bruins : U.C.L.A. :: ___ : Princeton 6 letters TIGERS
Whole bunch 4 letters SLEW
___-Magnon man 3 letters CRO
Transportation hub named for a 1930s-’40s mayor in brief 3 letters LGA
A Cyclops has one 3 letters EYE
Piece of limbo equipment 3 letters BAR
Get tangled up 5 letters RAVEL
Catch wind of 4 letters HEAR
Director Guillermo del ___ 4 letters TORO
German/Polish border river 4 letters ODER
Offerings from Pottery Barn and Chipotle 5 letters BOWLS
Yemen’s capital 4 letters SANA
Opening of some formal letters 4 letters SIRS
Territory 4 letters AREA
Peeled as a pear 5 letters PARED
Soak (up) as gravy 3 letters SOP
___ but a scratch 3 letters TIS
Nevada’s largest county 3 letters NYE
One doing an oral exam in brief 3 letters DDS
Org. with programs that are taking off? 4 letters NASA
Types in 6 letters ENTERS
Home of the oldest active M.L.B. ballpark 6 letters BOSTON
Y.M.C.A. course for short 3 letters ESL
Classic AC/DC song represented by the falling circled letters and this answer 4 letters HELL
Maya Angelou’s And Still I ___ 4 letters RISE
Musical ability 3 letters EAR
Part of N.H.L. 6 letters LEAGUE
Offshore 4 letters ASEA
Like 2019 and 2021 but not 2020 3 letters ODD
Fumbles and flubs 6 letters ERRORS
Pupil’s place 4 letters DESK
Platform for Dr. Mario and Final Fantasy 3 letters NES
Places for toasters 6 letters DAISES
Next to nothing as a chance 4 letters SLIM
___ as you are 4 letters COME
So sad 4 letters ALAS
Correct 5 letters RIGHT
Supped 3 letters ATE
No-goodnik 6 letters BADEGG
Schick product 5 letters RAZOR
2001 Will Smith title role 3 letters ALI
Course of action 4 letters PATH
Completely wreck 5 letters TOTAL
Open and honest 10 letters ABOVEBOARD
Tipped off 10 letters FOREWARNED
Many a TikTok user 4 letters TEEN
Fish in the genus Hippocampus 8 letters SEAHORSE
Opposite of WNW 3 letters ESE
Think ___ of 3 letters ILL
Deck protectors 8 letters SEALANTS
With 36-Down intersection … as suggested by the circled letters in the middle of this puzzle? 5 letters CROSS
Static maybe 10 letters RADIONOISE
Cloverleaf features 10 letters OVERPASSES
2019 2020 and 2021: Abbr. 3 letters YRS
See 29-Down 5 letters ROADS
CPR sites 3 letters ERS
Animal that sounds a lot like you? 3 letters EWE
Letters on some airport uniforms 3 letters TSA
Antioxidant juice brand 3 letters BAI
The p of m.p.h. 3 letters PER
___ Te Ching 3 letters TAO
Shouted 6 letters YELLED
Porterhouse e.g. 5 letters STEAK
Aptly named shelfmate of Smarties candy 5 letters NERDS
Ventriloquist Lewis 5 letters SHARI
Flat-headed fastener 4 letters BRAD
Gas in glowing signs 4 letters NEON
Teamwork disrupters 4 letters EGOS
Tackle box item 4 letters LURE
More as the saying goes 4 letters LESS
Juice suffix 3 letters ADE
Obama ___ 3 letters ERA

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