New York Times Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Home for The Devil 5 letters TAROT
Fairy tale villain 4 letters OGRE
Ballet-inspired fitness method 5 letters BARRE
Web designer’s code 4 letters HTML
Dream interrupter maybe 5 letters ALARM
Pitcher Hershiser 4 letters OREL
They might dog a dog 5 letters FLEAS
___ there! 4 letters AHOY
Prisoner accidentally causes a power outage? 16 letters
Police unit informally 4 letters VICE
Hoo boy! 6 letters OHBABY
Your guess is as good as mine 7 letters BEATSME
Small songbirds 5 letters LARKS
In a manner of speaking 3 letters SAY
Kind 3 letters ILK
Year in Brazil 3 letters ANO
Cherokee and Navajo 7 letters NATIONS
Southern university beefs up campus security? 18 letters
Unlike bread on Passover 8 letters LEAVENED
Pierce-Arrow competitor 3 letters REO
Popular Hyundai 7 letters ELANTRA
O mio babbino caro e.g. 4 letters ARIA
Key part: Abbr. 3 letters ANS
Keenness of judgment 6 letters ACUMEN
Chinese zodiac animal 3 letters RAT
Fellow imposes a strict palm fruit regimen? 16 letters
Something that can be tried or cracked 4 letters CASE
Dead giveaway? 6 letters ESTATE
Put away some groceries? 3 letters ATE
___ school 3 letters MED
Convenient transport through urban traffic 5 letters MOPED
Go bad 3 letters ROT
One seeing things with a critical eye? 7 letters CYCLOPS
___ cannon (sci-fi weapon) 3 letters ION
Good spice to add to guacamole (try it!) 5 letters CUMIN
Wizard of ___ (nickname for a good massage therapist) 3 letters AHS
U.F.C. fighting style 3 letters MMA
Heretics flout them 6 letters DOGMAS
Early Ron Howard role 4 letters OPIE
Actress de Armas writes Mr. Gas and Ms. Rag? 16 letters
World’s best-selling musical artists of 2020 3 letters BTS
Target of a pop-up blocker 6 letters ADSITE
Financial planning option for short 3 letters IRA
Like the verse Roses are red violets are blue … in brief 4 letters ANON
Body of water that’s home to the world’s largest marine reserve 7 letters ROSSSEA
The Cougars of the N.C.A.A. 3 letters BYU
New York has 28 of them 8 letters ELECTORS
Smartphone advises on poker bets? 18 letters
High-hat attitude 7 letters ELITISM
Told you so 3 letters SEE
Off-road ride for short 3 letters ATV
Org. whose plans are up in the air? 3 letters FAA
Georgia-based insurance giant 5 letters AFLAC
Unnamed somebody 7 letters SOANDSO
Ones making you duck down? 6 letters EIDERS
Kinks song that Weird Al Yankovic parodied as Yoda 4 letters LOLA
Doctor acquires antibiotics? 16 letters
A short one by Ogden Nash reads Parsley / is gharsley 4 letters POEM
Macabre illustrator Edward 5 letters GOREY
One kind of plastic 4 letters AMEX
Indian wedding adornment 5 letters HENNA
Even ___ 4 letters ODDS
Connecticut-based insurance giant 5 letters AETNA
Break 4 letters REST
Work from Roxane Gay or Jia Tolentino 5 letters ESSAY
Snacks from some trucks 5 letters TACOS
Honolulu’s ___ Stadium 5 letters ALOHA
Sought feedback from 5 letters RANBY
Willy in Free Willy 4 letters ORCA
Telecom with a pink logo 7 letters TMOBILE
Reaction to a stomach punch 3 letters OOF
Chow 4 letters GRUB
Add new caulking to 6 letters RESEAL
Roosevelt credited with saying No one can make you feel inferior without your consent 7 letters ELEANOR
Closest of pals for short 4 letters BFFS
Hillary Clinton vis-à-vis Wellesley College 6 letters ALUMNA
Move to a new table maybe 6 letters RESEAT
Hip-hop duo ___ Sremmurd 3 letters RAE
What … may represent 3 letters ESS
José Martí by birth 7 letters HAVANAN
Social media pic designed to attract sexual attention 10 letters THIRSTTRAP
False 4 letters MOCK
Some strong solutions 4 letters LYES
DuPont patent of 1938 5 letters NYLON
Skip it 5 letters STONE
Boston airport 5 letters LOGAN
Work in the kitchen? 5 letters KNEAD
Abounded (with) 6 letters TEEMED
St. Kitts St. Lucia and St. Vincent 5 letters ISLES
Saint on the big screen 8 letters EVAMARIE
Pulitzer winner ___ St. Vincent Millay 4 letters EDNA
Spur 4 letters GOAD
Shake an Etch A Sketch e.g. 5 letters ERASE
Full 5 letters SATED
How kids might describe dad jokes 4 letters LAME
Important stretches 4 letters ERAS
___ Too Proud (hit musical about the Temptations) 4 letters AINT
Visits overnight 7 letters STAYSAT
Ingredient in a Negroni 7 letters CAMPARI
Sporty trucks in brief 4 letters UTES
Lots 4 letters ATON
Lets hit it! 3 letters NET
What … may represent 3 letters ETC
___ March 5 letters SELMA
Word that appears with confetti when texted on an iPhone 8 letters CONGRATS
Big name in synthesizers 4 letters MOOG
Cardamom-spiced brew 4 letters CHAI
!!! 3 letters OMG
They may be checked at the door 3 letters IDS
Yoga pose with an arched back 5 letters COBRA
High-five! 5 letters UPTOP
Like fuschia and turquiose 10 letters MISSPELLED
Actor Aziz 6 letters ANSARI
Spanish hand 4 letters MANO
Spanish love 4 letters AMOR
Application figs. 4 letters SSNS
Practiced 5 letters ADEPT
Birds’ bills 4 letters NEBS
What an integral can be used to calculate 4 letters AREA
One of the Obamas 5 letters MALIA
Jellied garnish 5 letters ASPIC
Low bows 7 letters SALAAMS
Kind of question 5 letters YESNO
Old wheels 7 letters USEDCAR
___ Park Colo. 5 letters ESTES
Raw deal from a restaurant? 7 letters CEVICHE
Categorize 6 letters ASSORT
There’s no one on me! 6 letters IMOPEN
Document with two accents 6 letters RESUME
Water clover and adder’s-tongue 5 letters FERNS
Fight setting 5 letters ARENA
Purity test 5 letters ASSAY
Popular dog 105-Down 4 letters ALPO
See 104-Down 4 letters FOOD
Daughter of Ned Stark on Game of Thrones 4 letters ARYA
Smelt things? 4 letters ORES
Payment often made around January 1 4 letters DUES
Tour grp. 3 letters PGA
Little eggs 3 letters ROE
Business card abbr. 3 letters EXT

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