New York Times Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Items purportedly burned outside the Miss America Pageant in 1968 4 letters BRAS
Prefix that makes a pseudoscience when paired with 44-Down 6 letters PSYCHO
Quatrain rhyme scheme 4 letters ABBA
Fancy fabric 4 letters
Crossword June 16 2021
Embryo’s home 6 letters UTERUS
Barbershop job 4 letters TRIM
Tiptop 4 letters APEX
Jim Sheridan gives Daniel Day-Lewis nothing to work with in this Irish dramedy (1989) 11 letters MYRIGHTFOOT
Photographer Goldin 3 letters NAN
Stop up 3 letters DAM
Rapper Megan ___ Stallion 4 letters THEE
Letters seen on some tote bags 3 letters NPR
Rian Johnson helms this snoozer of a whodunit starring Daniel Craig (2019) 8 letters KNIVESIN
Thorny tree 6 letters ACACIA
Adorable one 5 letters CUTIE
It made the peseta passé 4 letters EURO
Have in inventory 5 letters STOCK
Handy sorts 6 letters DIYERS
Fey of 30 Rock 4 letters TINA
Follower of smart or bad 3 letters ASS
Elia Kazan bungles this John Steinbeck novel adaptation (1955) 10 letters WESTOFEDEN
Hit the slopes 3 letters SKI
Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys 4 letters NEIL
Foe of Austin Powers 6 letters DREVIL
Nice dinnerware 5 letters CHINA
Tavern offerings 4 letters ALES
Assemble 5 letters UNITE
Korean alphabet system 6 letters HANGUL
Anne Fletcher misses the mark with this first film in a dance franchise (2006) 8 letters STEPDOWN
1950s White House nickname 3 letters IKE
Word with luck or waiter 4 letters DUMB
Nonkosher sandwich 3 letters BLT
Captain’s record 3 letters LOG
Led astray … or like the films at 19- 25- 40- and 57-Across? 11 letters MISDIRECTED
Muppet with a big orange nose 4 letters BERT
Victorian 4 letters PRIM
Make hard to read in a way 6 letters ENCODE
Egyptian cross 4 letters ANKH
Lip 4 letters SASS
Cleaning tool 6 letters DUSTER
Online crafts shop 4 letters ETSY
Item needed for burning once 7 letters BLANKCD
Indigenous people of Easter Island 7 letters RAPANUI
Pool or fitness center for a hotel 7 letters AMENITY
Census info 3 letters SEX
Mountain lions 5 letters PUMAS
Frustrate 6 letters STYMIE
___ out! (ump’s cry) 3 letters YER
Lit ___ 4 letters CRIT
Jackman of X-Men 4 letters HUGH
___ Jackson a.k.a. Ice Cube 5 letters OSHEA
D.O.J. agency 3 letters ATF
Winners of Super Bowl 50 7 letters BRONCOS
Frida and Selena e.g. 7 letters BIOPICS
Operator of the California Zephyr 6 letters AMTRAK
Gumshoes 4 letters TECS
Big name in tractors 5 letters DEERE
For your ___ pleasure 7 letters VIEWING
Almond extract e.g. 6 letters NUTOIL
Finished 7 letters ATANEND
Big guns 6 letters RIFLES
Unnamed person 3 letters ONE
Job app ID 3 letters SSN
Recipe instruction 3 letters ADD
Gossip in slang 3 letters TEA
Lose one’s cool 5 letters ERUPT
Hips Don’t Lie singer 2006 7 letters SHAKIRA
See 5-Across 7 letters KINESIS
Word that fills both parts of the Shakespeare quote These ___ delights have ___ ends 7 letters VIOLENT
Inventor’s happy cry 7 letters ITWORKS
Protracted 7 letters LENGTHY
Subjects for Jane Goodall 6 letters CHIMPS
BMW competitor 4 letters AUDI
Monk known as the Father of English History 6 letters STBEDE
Baited 5 letters LURED
Respected tribe member 5 letters ELDER
Handout from a maître d’ 4 letters MENU
Secretly loops in in a way 4 letters BCCS
Private Instagram exchanges briefly 3 letters DMS
Tater ___ 3 letters TOT
Hon 3 letters BAE

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