New York Times Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

I literally ___ (millennial’s overstatement) 4 letters DIED
First country to discover water on the moon 5 letters INDIA
Criticize forcefully 4 letters SLAM
Nirvana e.g. 10 letters INNERPEACE
Part of the eye 4 letters CONE
Computer file arrangement 10 letters DATAFORMAT
Sharp 4 letters ACID
Manhattan for one 5 letters DRINK
Former major-league slugger Adam nicknamed Big Donkey 4 letters DUNN
Best Actor winner Malek 4 letters RAMI
I’d love to! 4 letters LETS
[Is this thing on?] 6 letters TAPTAP
Moving option 3 letters VAN
Celebratory shout 3 letters YAY
Bud 3 letters PAL
Cause of a 2014 scare 5 letters EBOLA
Rabbits in a race 11 letters PACESETTERS
Sobriquet for international hip-hop star Pitbull 11 letters
Scorsese film added to the National Film Registry in 1997 11 letters
I want it! 5 letters GIMME
Minari director ___ Isaac Chung 3 letters LEE
It doesn’t last long 3 letters FAD
Bit of royal regalia 3 letters ORB
Abjure 6 letters DISOWN
Olympic figure skating commentator Johnny 4 letters WEIR
Spencer of Good Morning America 4 letters LARA
Goddess whose Roman counterpart is Victoria 4 letters NIKE
This and this 5 letters THESE
Big Apple 4 letters IMAC
They may have lots of steps 10 letters STAIRWELLS
Windmill part 4 letters VANE
News headlines 10 letters TOPSTORIES
I like texts from my ___ when they want a second chance (Cardi B line) 4 letters EXES
Absinthe flavoring 5 letters ANISE
Site for crafty sorts? 4 letters ETSY
Start to squat? 6 letters DIDDLY
Covered as by insurance 6 letters INAREA
Being 6 letters ENTITY
___ list 5 letters DEANS
Investment opportunity for short 3 letters IPO
Jokey response to an overly technical explanation 9 letters NERDALERT
Prevent from running 5 letters DAMUP
Sorry unavailable 5 letters ICANT
Hartford-based health care company 5 letters AETNA
Leave damaged 4 letters SCAR
Many a farmer’s market attendee 8 letters LOCAVORE
Members of a certain kingdom 7 letters ANIMALS
___ Spirit winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby 6 letters MEDINA
D.C.’s ___ Stadium opened in 1961 3 letters RFK
Dish that can be prepared al pastor 5 letters TACOS
Small 6 letters PETITE
Put in hock 6 letters PAWNED
They might be twins 4 letters BEDS
Tot toter in Tottenham 4 letters PRAM
Canon offering in brief 3 letters SLR
Blossom of snow in song 9 letters EDELWEISS
One studying for a bar or bat mitzvah say 5 letters TWEEN
Cell boundary 8 letters MEMBRANE
Studio with Chicago and Chocolat 7 letters MIRAMAX
Start a stream say 6 letters GOLIVE
Get into a rhythm informally 6 letters FEELIT
Long divisions? 6 letters AISLES
Not casual 6 letters DRESSY
Pic that may have millions of likes 5 letters INSTA
Keep under wraps 5 letters SITON
African unicorn 5 letters OKAPI
Question in a shell game 5 letters WHERE
Las Vegas W.N.B.A. team 4 letters ACES
Arguing with a fool proves there are ___: Doris M. Smith 3 letters TWO
U.S. 1 for one: Abbr. 3 letters RTE

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