New York Times Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Buds that are very close 4 letters BFFS
For those who think young sloganeer once 5 letters PEPSI
Drainage collector 4 letters SUMP
Cookie that has been deemed kosher since 1997 4 letters OREO
Walled city of Spain 5 letters AVILA
Sports event in which athletes try to avoid being touched 4 letters EPEE
Porky’s significant other 10 letters PETUNIAPIG
Gillette razor handle 4 letters ATRA
Make wise through experience 6 letters SEASON
See 53-Across 7 letters POLLOCK
Exceedingly 6 letters EVERSO
Letters at a bar 3 letters IPA
Signal that a reply is coming in a messaging app 4 letters DOTS
Accept responsibility for 3 letters OWN
Terrific 5 letters SUPER
Diatribe trigger 3 letters IRE
Official proceedings 4 letters ACTA
Attempt to block 6 letters OPPOSE
Original ___ 3 letters SIN
Make art like 53-/21-Across (as suggested by this puzzle’s circled letters?) 7 letters DRIBBLE
Suffix with quartz 3 letters ITE
Pat who wrote The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini 6 letters CONROY
Male hedgehog 4 letters BOAR
Homer’s neighbor on The Simpsons 3 letters NED
Source of some rings 5 letters ONION
Industry that encourages strikes? 3 letters OIL
Modest reply to a compliment 4 letters ITRY
Biol. or chem. 3 letters SCI
Oklahoma’s state tree 6 letters REDBUD
With 21-Across artist known to 39-Across pigments back and forth onto canvases 7 letters JACKSON
Melodic passage 6 letters ARIOSO
Removal from danger informally 4 letters EVAC
___ station Central London railway terminal 10 letters PADDINGTON
Long ride? 4 letters LIMO
Suffered a wipeout 5 letters ATEIT
Leaning to the right: Abbr. 4 letters ITAL
Org. for Lt. Columbo 4 letters LAPD
Jetés e.g. 5 letters LEAPS
One leaning to the right 4 letters TORY
Conks 4 letters BOPS
Unoccupied 4 letters FREE
Cheese in a spanakopita 4 letters FETA
Boozehounds 6 letters SOUSES
Noted colonial pamphleteer 5 letters PAINE
Señora Perón 3 letters EVA
Small hard seed 3 letters PIP
Moccasin e.g. 6 letters SLIPON
False friend in Shakespeare 4 letters IAGO
Babe in the Arctic 7 letters SEALPUP
Somewhat 10 letters UPTOAPOINT
Chicago exchange in brief 4 letters MERC
Like times that are the most expensive 4 letters PEAK
Veterans Day mo. 3 letters NOV
Daffy Duck notably 6 letters LISPER
Indian flatbread 4 letters ROTI
Low-ranking sailor 7 letters SWABBIE
What you need some wiggle room to do? 5 letters DISCO
Betelgeuse’s constellation 5 letters ORION
Where you might find love away from home? 10 letters TENNISCAMP
Fragrant compound 5 letters ESTER
Like an oboe’s sound 5 letters REEDY
Dreamboat of a guy 6 letters ADONIS
Weep 3 letters CRY
Greeting in Rio 3 letters OLA
Be ___ (motto for Wikipedia contributors) 4 letters BOLD
Pacific food fish 7 letters ROCKCOD
Highly decorated 6 letters ORNATE
That’s cool daddy-o! 6 letters IDIGIT
Taunts so as to get a reaction 5 letters BAITS
Samovar 3 letters URN
Come together 4 letters JELL
Running shoe brand 4 letters AVIA
Gem that’s a woman’s name 4 letters OPAL
Palindromic guy’s name 4 letters OTTO
Succeed and then some 4 letters SOAR
Recycle ___ (sign on a bin) 4 letters ONLY
Narc’s org. 3 letters DEA
Tango flourish 3 letters DIP

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