New York Times Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Destination for a shopaholic 4 letters MALL
Friend in slang 4 letters DAWG
Evasive 4 letters CAGY
Healing succulent 4 letters ALOE
Fail to give a true impression of 5 letters BELIE
Strauss’s Concerto in D Major for ___ and Small Orchestra 4 letters OBOE
Inject new life into 10 letters REVITALIZE
Writer Jaffe 4 letters RONA
PC program ending 3 letters EXE
Go here and there 4 letters ROVE
Below 5 letters UNDER
Not having quite enough money 3 letters SHY
Bridge and highway designers 9 letters ENGINEERS
Old Apple image-editing software 6 letters IPHOTO
Primitive boat 4 letters RAFT
Kevin once of S.N.L. 6 letters NEALON
Place to see Dalí Ernst and Kahlo informally 4 letters MOMA
Public health regulatory org. 3 letters FDA
Technology used by smartphones nowadays … or a hint to the ends of 16- 24- 44- and 57-Across 15 letters
Mork’s home planet on Mork & Mindy 3 letters ORK
Bow-wielding god 4 letters EROS
Verdi opera set in Cyprus 6 letters OTELLO
Relative of a shantytown 4 letters SLUM
Tennis balls are usually sold in these 6 letters THREES
Hawaii ___ National Park 9 letters VOLCANOES
___ Tuesday (translation of Mardi Gras) 3 letters FAT
Mountaineer’s tool 5 letters ICEAX
Singer Erykah 4 letters BADU
Yang’s partner 3 letters YIN
Animal that claps 4 letters SEAL
End of the world 10 letters APOCALYPSE
Radio recording 4 letters TAPE
Like a beanpole 5 letters LANKY
Start of a counting-out rhyme 4 letters EENY
Social workers? 4 letters ANTS
Ice cream brand 4 letters EDYS
Regarding 4 letters ASTO
Mother with a stable home? 4 letters MARE
Soccer star Morgan 4 letters ALEX
B-52s hit named by Rolling Stone as the best single of 1989 9 letters LOVESHACK
Hawaiian garland 3 letters LEI
Dig (into) 5 letters DELVE
One from another world 5 letters ALIEN
Best Musical Tony winner of 1975 with The 3 letters WIZ
You don’t say! 3 letters GEE
Cousin of a trumpet 6 letters CORNET
Humble home 5 letters ABODE
One who’s done for 5 letters GONER
Junior and senior 5 letters YEARS
Chinese steamed bun 3 letters BAO
Take a deep breath … 10 letters TRYTORELAX
Not following one’s vows 10 letters UNFAITHFUL
Swiss cheese feature 4 letters HOLE
Sailor’s libation 4 letters GROG
Reply to Yes you are! 6 letters IAMNOT
Lowdown 4 letters INFO
D’Anjou for one 4 letters PEAR
Minimal lead in baseball 6 letters ONERUN
Rapper ___ Def 3 letters MOS
PDF JPEG and others 9 letters FILETYPES
Portion (out) 4 letters DOLE
12-Down en español 4 letters ANOS
Italy’s Lake ___ 4 letters COMO
Prefix with byte 4 letters TERA
Symbol of the goddess Justitia 6 letters SCALES
Picturesque view 5 letters VISTA
View from a beach resort 5 letters OCEAN
Vaulted 5 letters LEAPT
Wood for piano keys once 5 letters EBONY
Fires 5 letters SACKS
Word before trader or tripper 3 letters DAY
Stevie Wonder’s ___ She Lovely 4 letters ISNT
R&B singer with a hyphenated stage name 4 letters NEYO
Tap offering 3 letters ALE
Embellish as a résumé 3 letters PAD
Nay’s opposite 3 letters YEA

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