New York Times Crossword February 27 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword February 27 2021 Answers:

Hoopster’s mantra 10 letters BALLISLIFE
Two-time FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year (2001 2002) 4 letters HAMM
My point is … 10 letters IMEANTOSAY
Like castaways before being cast away 4 letters ASEA
Set for the afternoon? 10 letters TEASERVICE
Clinches 4 letters ICES
A couple of dollars? 3 letters ELS
Material whose name is a Scandinavian country in French 5 letters SUEDE
Moves like a butterfly 5 letters FLITS
Countenance 4 letters MIEN
Stingray feature once 4 letters TTOP
Pioneer in 35mm cameras 5 letters LEICA
School softball? 5 letters EASYA
Singer Braxton sister of Toni 5 letters TRACI
Its birthstone is peridot: Abbr. 3 letters AUG
Let’s get ___! (party cry) 3 letters LIT
Individually 8 letters ALACARTE
In the cloud say 6 letters STORED
Title character in a Sgt. Pepper song 6 letters MRKITE
Night light 8 letters MOONBEAM
Wiz Khalifa’s We ___ Boyz 3 letters DEM
Ron who played Tarzan on old TV 3 letters ELY
Moving 5 letters ASTIR
Some didy changers 5 letters DADAS
Fare from some bars 5 letters TAPAS
Smart ___ 4 letters ALEC
Au revoir! 4 letters TATA
Letter to the editor often 5 letters GRIPE
Atomic clock timekeeper 5 letters MASER
Prefix with binary 3 letters NON
Kind of bowl ordered at a juice bar 4 letters ACAI
Opposite of cheap eats 10 letters FINEDINING
Actress/YouTube star ___ Condor 4 letters LANA
Whole 10 letters INONEPIECE
East of Eden twin 4 letters ARON
#1 on a list maybe 10 letters BESTSELLER
Buzz off! 6 letters BITEME
Renato’s wife in Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera 6 letters AMELIA
Some deals from dealerships 6 letters LEASES
___ Mañanitas (Mexican birthday song) 3 letters LAS
Woman’s name that’s also a plural suffix 4 letters INES
Work it on the runway 5 letters STRUT
Four-time Grammy winner Lyle 6 letters LOVETT
George Sand title heroine 7 letters ISIDORA
[I’m such an idiot!] 8 letters FACEPALM
Inspect 3 letters EYE
Selassie of Ethiopia 5 letters HAILE
What this is an example of: \_(^.^)_/ 8 letters ASCIIART
Trope seen in rom-coms 8 letters MEETCUTE
Rub the right way? 7 letters MASSAGE
Switched (on) 7 letters FLICKED
Alternative to polyester 5 letters NYLON
Home for a drone 7 letters AIRBASE
Jokester 4 letters CARD
Props of sorts 4 letters TEES
Target 5 letters AIMAT
Vehicle equipped with photovoltaic cells 8 letters SOLARCAR
Schroeder plays one in the comics 8 letters TOYPIANO
Dig for insights digitally 8 letters DATAMINE
Annual N.Y.C. event hosted by Vogue 7 letters METGALA
Some Pepperidge Farm cookies 7 letters MILANOS
Begrudge 6 letters RESENT
Get Out star Kaluuya 6 letters DANIEL
Like now 6 letters ATONCE
Birth control pioneer Margaret 6 letters SANGER
Like some drones 5 letters APIAN
Forfeits 5 letters CEDES
What comes before old age? 4 letters RIPE
Of course it looks good on you! maybe 3 letters FIB
Zip 3 letters NIL

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