New York Times Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Kit ___ bar 3 letters KAT
Complimentary 6 letters GRATIS
Put an edge on 4 letters WHET
Biblical suffix with do or go 3 letters ETH
Dealership offering 6 letters REBATE
Start of a carol title 4 letters HARK
Soldier’s food packet for short 3 letters MRE
Occasion that people are dyeing to celebrate? 6 letters EASTER
How ___ Your Mother 4 letters IMET
Venmo’s parent company 6 letters PAYPAL
Caregivers’ org. 3 letters AMA
Funders of many campaign ads in brief 4 letters PACS
Presses into service 4 letters USES
T-Mobile acquisition of 2020 6 letters SPRINT
Land in Game of Thrones 8 letters WESTEROS
Sizzling 3 letters HOT
___ bowl (fruity treat) 4 letters ACAI
Harold who directed Groundhog Day 5 letters RAMIS
Soon-to-be alumni: Abbr. 3 letters SRS
What you might do after some financial trading … or in this puzzle? 15 letters
Out ___ limb 3 letters ONA
Violin bow application 5 letters ROSIN
Cry just before the guest of honor arrives at a surprise party 4 letters HIDE
A pun is said to be the lowest form of this 3 letters WIT
Ground transportation hub 8 letters BUSDEPOT
Key of Bach’s The Art of Fugue 6 letters DMINOR
Feature of some dresses 4 letters SLIT
Follower of Navy or presidential 4 letters SEAL
Private eye in old lingo 3 letters TEC
Recorded 6 letters ONTAPE
Website designer’s code 4 letters HTML
Moonstruck 6 letters INLOVE
Milliner’s creation 3 letters HAT
Run ___ light 4 letters ARED
One-pointer in horseshoes 6 letters LEANER
Old TV star with the catchphrase I pity the fool 3 letters MRT
Low-carb kind of diet 4 letters KETO
No-good cars 6 letters LEMONS
Scrape (out) 3 letters EKE
Dole’s 1996 running mate 4 letters KEMP
Gillette razor brand 4 letters ATRA
… or so ___ say 4 letters THEY
Musical that was the highest-grossing movie in 1978 6 letters GREASE
Less contrived 6 letters REALER
Body parts sometimes compared to steel 3 letters ABS
Ciao 4 letters TATA
10 ___ or less (grocery sign) 5 letters ITEMS
Attendants at a heavenly throne 8 letters SERAPHIM
1980 Devo hit 6 letters WHIPIT
Villain in the book of Esther 5 letters HAMAN
Build 5 letters ERECT
Times Square sign for B’way fans 4 letters TKTS
Deposit 5 letters PUTIN
Clears up a jumble 5 letters SORTS
Santa ___ Calif. 4 letters ROSA
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame locale 4 letters WACO
Fiscal subj. 4 letters ECON
Singer Bareilles 4 letters SARA
Hindi master 5 letters SAHIB
They help with course selection 5 letters MENUS
Problem on a vinyl record 4 letters SKIP
Mulligan to a golfer 4 letters REDO
Proofreader’s directive 4 letters STET
Sportscaster Andrews 4 letters ERIN
Cultivate a garden plot in a way 8 letters ROTOTILL
Butler in a romance 5 letters RHETT
You betcha 6 letters WILLDO
Unkempt person 6 letters SLOVEN
Informal eateries 6 letters DINERS
Raison ___ 5 letters DETRE
Playwright David 5 letters MAMET
Oscar-winning Zellweger 5 letters RENEE
Frequent quotation attribution: Abbr. 4 letters SHAK
Happy as a ___ 4 letters CLAM
Melodramatic cry 4 letters AHME
Place to walk a dog 4 letters PARK
Suffix with bachelor 4 letters ETTE
Singer/musician with the Imagine Peace website 3 letters ONO

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