New York Times Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Hey over here! 4 letters PSST
Just manage with by 3 letters EKE
Bits of rain or dew 5 letters DROPS
Where Honolulu is 4 letters OAHU
Egg to be fertilized 4 letters OVUM
New York’s ___ City Music Hall 5 letters RADIO
Laugh ___ (something very funny) 4 letters RIOT
Roman emperor who said before dying What an artist the world is losing in me! 4 letters NERO
Well ___ we all? 5 letters ARENT
Service offered by Dropbox 12 letters
F.D.R.’s successor 3 letters HST
Computer for Apple pickers? 3 letters MAC
Kitchenware brand 3 letters OXO
A megalomaniac has a big one 3 letters EGO
Firefly 12 letters
Place to play roulette 6 letters CASINO
That guy’s 3 letters HIS
Train travel 4 letters RAIL
Can’t we all just get ___? 5 letters ALONG
Jean-___ Picard Starfleet commander 3 letters LUC
Get the shampoo out 5 letters RINSE
What’s pulled through a pulley 4 letters ROPE
May honoree 3 letters MOM
Less cooked in the center say 6 letters PINKER
Classic Corvette alternatives 12 letters
Maple product 3 letters SAP
GPS option: Abbr. 3 letters RTE
Sticky stuff 3 letters GOO
Word after school or party 3 letters BUS
What precedes a storm … or a hint to 20- 29- or 43-Across 12 letters
TV newspapers etc. 5 letters MEDIA
Goodbye my friend! 4 letters TATA
Lead-in to girl 4 letters ATTA
Glass that refracts light 5 letters PRISM
Came down as to earth 4 letters ALIT
To ___ a phrase 4 letters COIN
Sorry! and Trouble for two 5 letters GAMES
Summer: Fr. 3 letters ETE
Past partners 4 letters EXES
Place to hang wind chimes 5 letters PORCH
Goes by ship say 5 letters SAILS
Dang it! 5 letters SHOOT
Ballerina wear 4 letters TUTU
Wa-a-a-ay in the past 7 letters EONSAGO
Gripe 6 letters KVETCH
Deutsche mark replacer 4 letters EURO
Figure seen during Chinese New Year 6 letters DRAGON
Happening once in a blue moon 4 letters RARE
Tribute poem 3 letters ODE
What you have to remember to use an A.T.M. 3 letters PIN
Drunkard 3 letters SOT
Completely stupid 7 letters MORONIC
Contacting privately via Twitter or Instagram 5 letters DMING
x y or z in geometry 4 letters AXIS
Manage one’s account via the internet 5 letters EBANK
Outward appearance 5 letters GUISE
Gawker 5 letters OGLER
Napkins tablecloths etc. 5 letters LINEN
A green one is helpful in a garden 5 letters THUMB
Smiles 5 letters GRINS
Grocery conveniences 5 letters CARTS
Greeting in Hawaii 5 letters ALOHA
Absorb as gravy 5 letters SOPUP
Country singer Lynn 7 letters LORETTA
Free from 5 letters RIDOF
Self-referential 4 letters META
Apportion as costs 7 letters PRORATE
Night visions 6 letters DREAMS
You’ve said that already! Jeez! 6 letters IGETIT
Injection that conceals wrinkles 5 letters BOTOX
Loosen as laces 5 letters UNTIE
Is a huge fan of in modern slang 5 letters STANS
Like an owl in a simile 4 letters WISE
Patriot Nathan 4 letters HALE
10K or marathon 4 letters RACE
Fuel efficiency stat 3 letters MPG
Victorian ___ 3 letters ERA
Not bright 3 letters DIM

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