New York Times Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Colorful Pillsbury cake with a portmanteau name 8 letters FUNFETTI
Designs 6 letters CRAFTS
The Wright stuff? 8 letters AVIATION
Grading aid 6 letters RUBRIC
Dave of rock 8 letters MATTHEWS
If the shoe doesn’t fit … wear it? 6 letters INSOLE
Some Renaissance-era scientists 8 letters HERETICS
Kind of garden 3 letters ZEN
Input 5 letters ENTER
Where things might be left hanging 4 letters RACK
270° 4 letters WEST
Male hedgehog 4 letters BOAR
___ Star 4 letters LONE
Something opened with a click 3 letters PEN
___ bike 3 letters BMX
Brie e.g. 10 letters SOFTCHEESE
Rest stop? 7 letters SABBATH
Personification of limpness 7 letters RAGDOLL
Zoom participants? 10 letters DRAGRACERS
Head across the pond 3 letters LOO
Crackerjack 3 letters ACE
Linguist Chomsky 4 letters NOAM
Copies as from a CD 4 letters RIPS
Risky thing to do close to flight time 4 letters PACK
1040 e.g. 4 letters FORM
___ blue 5 letters CADET
Bother 3 letters IRK
Some nervous responses 8 letters FLINCHES
Latitude 6 letters LEEWAY
Thanksgiving aftermath maybe 8 letters FOODCOMA
Prompt 6 letters ONTIME
Aspire 8 letters ENDEAVOR
Small sample to Brits 6 letters TASTER
Like this clue among the Acrosses 8 letters DEADLAST
Ones closest to you informally 3 letters FAM
Sch. whose athletes are nicknamed the Hoos 3 letters UVA
Annual coll. basketball event 3 letters NIT
Pop 6 letters FATHER
Clear sky 5 letters ETHER
Ranking component 4 letters TIER
Mathematical puzzle with movable disks 12 letters
Snap 7 letters INSTANT
Neck problem 5 letters CRICK
Homecomings? 4 letters RUNS
Targets of leg raises informally 3 letters ABS
Safe to skate on say 11 letters FROZENSOLID
Decorative features throughout Spain’s Alhambra palace 5 letters TILES
On the ___ 5 letters SCENT
One getting a big scoop? 12 letters
Weakens 4 letters EBBS
Lead-in to land in a hit 2020 film 5 letters NOMAD
They vary according to income 11 letters TAXBRACKETS
Do some yardwork 4 letters WEED
Series set in Middle-earth for short 4 letters LOTR
Categorizes 4 letters PEGS
Common additive to melted butter in Italian cuisine 4 letters SAGE
Wrongdoing 4 letters HARM
Emulate Desdemona and Othello in a way 5 letters ELOPE
Browser command 4 letters BACK
Befuddled 4 letters LOST
Like some chickens on farms 7 letters CORNFED
Miscreant 6 letters RASCAL
Start of a series 5 letters PILOT
Impressive spot to sell out 5 letters ARENA
Circular 5 letters FLYER
Yielded 5 letters CEDED
The perfume of heroic deeds to Socrates 4 letters FAME
TV host Kotb 4 letters HODA
___ has truth in it; wisecracking is simply calisthenics with words: Dorothy Parker 3 letters WIT
Beginnings of life 3 letters OVA
Several of them are named for gods: Abbr. 3 letters MOS
A word with thou 3 letters ART

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