New York Times Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Game on an erasable court 9 letters HOPSCOTCH
Dispenser item 5 letters STRAW
Ill-proportioned 9 letters UNSHAPELY
Kirkuk resident 5 letters IRAQI
Sharp mind so to speak 9 letters STEELTRAP
Official gemstone of Utah and Texas 5 letters TOPAZ
Post ___ analysis 3 letters HOC
The Z in XYZ 6 letters ZIPPER
Agree (with) 4 letters JIBE
Yappy lap dogs for short 4 letters POMS
Fast time 7 letters RAMADAN
Former name of Kazakhstan’s capital 6 letters ASTANA
Johnny who used to cry Come on down! 5 letters OLSON
Sweeping say 5 letters CHORE
Wild-goose chase 9 letters SNIPEHUNT
Last U.S. president to have facial hair 4 letters TAFT
One team in an intramural match 5 letters SKINS
Birthplace of 35-Across 4 letters OHIO
Football tactic to prevent a long return 9 letters SQUIBKICK
Sticking point 5 letters PRONG
Ham it up 5 letters EMOTE
Rears 6 letters TUSHES
Backdrop of many John le Carré novels 7 letters COLDWAR
Reasonable 4 letters SANE
Device outmoded by the smartphone 4 letters IPOD
Kind of acid produced during exercise 6 letters LACTIC
Smartphone capability for short 3 letters GPS
Get-up-and-go 5 letters VIGOR
Cost of the cheap seats? 9 letters COACHFARE
Flabbergasted 5 letters INAWE
Longtime morning TV co-host 9 letters KATHIELEE
Grammy-winning Kravitz 5 letters LENNY
Grands costing many grand 9 letters STEINWAYS
Reaction to someone tapping a microphone maybe 4 letters HUSH
Not falling for 4 letters ONTO
Tiny fraction of a min. 4 letters PSEC
Isn’t ___ Lovely 3 letters SHE
Dish akin to a stromboli 7 letters CALZONE
Best conditions 6 letters OPTIMA
They joined the Big Ten in ’14 5 letters TERPS
Keep time in a way 4 letters CLAP
It takes you to another site 9 letters HYPERLINK
Something one can’t stand to do 3 letters SIT
Malicious gift 11 letters TROJANHORSE
Fleet 5 letters RAPID
Seaport whose name derives from the Arabic for obstacle 5 letters AQABA
Dry up with age 5 letters WIZEN
File types 5 letters RASPS
Had a blast at a bash 11 letters PARTIEDDOWN
Good name for a landscaper? 3 letters MOE
Follower of John 4 letters ACTS
The Big Aristotle of the N.B.A. 4 letters SHAQ
Mapo ___ (traditional Sichuan dish) 4 letters TOFU
Postponed 5 letters ONICE
Evidence of having gone on a run 9 letters SKITRACKS
This looks bad 4 letters UHOH
Yellow-striped ball 4 letters NINE
Outfits 4 letters TOGS
To your health! 5 letters SKOAL
Mini production company 3 letters BMW
Start working perhaps 7 letters PUNCHIN
Discipline with postures like White Crane Spreads Its Wings and Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail 6 letters TAICHI
Courteous 5 letters CIVIL
Offer one’s two cents 5 letters OPINE
2017 sequel to The Wolverine 5 letters LOGAN
Tabasco for one 5 letters STATE
Cover 4 letters COAT
Soiree say 4 letters GALA
Small game often 4 letters PREY
Matches at a table 4 letters SEES
Spanish chess piece 3 letters REY
Quantity that sounds like an expression of relief 3 letters FEW

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