Mirror Quiz Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Mirror Quiz Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Actor who played Finn Hudson in US television series Glee 12 letters CORYMONTEITH
City in Emilia-Romagna Italy; capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402-476 7 letters RAVENNA
European freshwater fish with olive-green skin and orange-red eyes 5 letters TENCH
Henri — rugby union scrum half; 1988 France Test debutant against Argentina 4 letters SANZ
Large semiaquatic rodent with a broad flat tail 6 letters BEAVER
High-level computer programming language designed for general commercial use 5 letters COBOL
Jane — actress who played Daphne Moon in US television sitcom Frasier 6 letters LEEVES
Mountain range in south central Europe 4 letters ALPS
Gold coin formerly used throughout Europe 5 letters DUCAT
Second son of Joseph and Asenath according to the Book of Genesis in the Bible 7 letters EPHRAIM
Author of 2010 stage play Christ Deliver Us! 12 letters THOMASKILROY
Former province of southeast France on the Mediterranean 8 letters PROVENCE
Another name for a catkin 5 letters AMENT
John — actor who played Mr Humphries in 1977 film comedy Are You Being Served? 5 letters INMAN
Small falcon that hovers against the wind 7 letters KESTREL
— gun light 9mm sub-machine gun formerly used in the British Army 4 letters STEN
The — 1955 novel by John Wyndham 10 letters CHRYSALIDS
UK Prime Minister from 2016-19 10 letters THERESAMAY
Genus of wild and domestic cattle including the gaur gayal and zebu 3 letters BOS
Pseudonym used by Charles Dickens in contributions to the Morning Chronicle newspaper 3 letters BOZ
Author of 1759 novel Candide 8 letters VOLTAIRE
Haitian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a gourde 7 letters CENTIME
Irvine — author of novels Glue Crime and Filth 5 letters WELSH
The — 1921 film drama starring Rudolph Valentino in the title role 5 letters SHEIK

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