Mirror Quiz Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quiz Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Author of novels A Man of His Time and Birthday 12 letters ALANSILLITOE
Musical instrument of India consisting of a pair of drums of variable pitch 5 letters TABLA
Very short skirt worn by a ballerina 4 letters TUTU
Burrowing rodent of hot dry regions of Asia and Africa 6 letters GERBIL
Digby — Panasonic Wild Knights and former Australia rugby union wing and centre 5 letters IOANE
1994 comedy-drama film starring Hugh Grant Tara Fitzgerald and Sam Neill 6 letters SIRENS
Former British gold coin valued at one third of a pound 5 letters NOBLE
Daughter of Minos and Pasiphae in Greek mythology who married Dionysus 7 letters ARIADNE
The — 1913 P G Wodehouse novel whose title character is Ogden Ford 12 letters LITTLENUGGET
Any one of the 150 sacred songs poems and prayers that constitute the book of the Old Testament following the Book of Job 5 letters PSALM
Arthur — composer of 1949 opera The Olympians 5 letters BLISS
Racecourse at which the Grand National is run 7 letters AINTREE
Ty — Detroit Tigers baseball player and manager known as The Georgia Peach 4 letters COBB
2008 novel by Louis de Bernieres 19 letters APARTISANS DAUGHTER
1987 film drama starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen 10 letters WALLSTREET
City in southern California US; most populous in the state 12 letters LOS ARTISANS
Antelope also called a wildebeest 3 letters GNU
Avery — president of the International Olympic Committee from 1952-72 8 letters BRUNDAGE
Andres — 2006-18 Spain midfield footballer 7 letters INIESTA
1976 F1 World Drivers’ Championship winner 7 letters JAMES H
Dakota tribe of Native Americans whose leaders have included Sitting Bull 5 letters SIOUX

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