Mirror Quiz Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quiz Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Island north of Zanzibar that produces most of the world’s cloves 5 letters PEMBA
NHL team; 2006 Stanley Cup Finals winners 19 letters CAROLINA HURRICANES
T E — British military officer who authored 1926 volume Seven Pillars of Wisdom 8 letters LAWRENCE
2004-07 South Africa national rugby union coach 10 letters JAKE WHITE
James — actor who played Uncle Bertie in 1972 family film The Amazing Mr Blunden 8 letters VILLIERS
Unit of time equal to one billionth of a second 10 letters NANOSECOND
Title of the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism 10 letters DALAI LAMA
1940 Walt Disney film featuring conductor Leopold Stokowski 8 letters FANTASIA
1983 film comedy starring Mia Farrow 5 letters ZELIG
Anthony — author of twelve-volume novel series A Dance to the Music of Time 6 letters POWELL
City in Somerset; Latin name Aquae Sulis 4 letters BATH
Cold sea mist or fog off the North Sea 4 letters HAAR
1900 opera by Giacomo Puccini 5 letters TOSCA
Author of novels A Small Country and Return to Hendre Ddu 9 letters SIANJAMES
Jean-Paul Sartre novel first published in 1938 6 letters NAUSEA
Leonhard — 18th-century mathematician noted for his work on the calculus of variation 5 letters EULER
22nd letter of the Greek alphabet 3 letters CHI
1987 romcom starring Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis 10 letters BLIND DATE
Opera by Leos Janacek premiered in 1904 6 letters JENUFA
Frank Wedekind stage play first performed in 1906 16 letters SPRING AWAKENING
Lion in the The Chronicles of Narnia heptalogy by C S Lewis 5 letters ASLAN
Muse of history in Greek mythology 4 letters CLIO

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