Mirror Quiz Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quiz Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Bay of — inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia 5 letters FUNDY
Jean-Jacques — 18th-century political philosopher whose works include The Social Contract 8 letters ROUSSEAU
Indian side dish of yogurt with chopped cucumber and spices 5 letters RAITA
1985 adventure film starring Powers Boothe and Meg Foster 16 letters THEEMERALD FUNDY
Second largest city in Puebla Mexico 8 letters TEHUACAN
Large predatory feline mammal of Africa and India 4 letters LION
Muse of history in Greek mythology 4 letters CLIO
William Shakespeare play subtitled Prince of Tyre featuring the character Thaisa 8 letters PERICLES
Clay mineral also called sepiolite used to make tobacco pipes 10 letters MEERSCHAUM
1965 stage play by Edward Bond 5 letters SAVED
Either of the two egg-shaped masses of grey matter at the base of the brain 8 letters THALAMUS
Island in the Pacific Ocean; smallest republic in the world 5 letters NAURU
Graeme — 2006 World Snooker Championship winner 4 letters DOTT
1948 Alfred Hitchcock film thriller based on a stage play by Patrick Hamilton 4 letters ROPE
John — winner of the Heineken Open singles tennis tournament in 2010 and 2014 5 letters ISNER
E M — author of 1930 novel Diary of a Provincial Lady 9 letters DELAFIELD
Laurence — Poet Laureate from 1718-30 6 letters EUSDEN
Patrick — New Zealand-born 2012-18 Widnes Vikings rugby league wing previously with Bradford Bulls 5 letters AHVAN
Eugene O’Neill stage play premiered in 1946 16 letters THEICEMAN COMETH
Playing card with one spot 3 letters ACE
1999 film drama starring Anthony Hopkins in the title role 5 letters TITUS
Victorien — French author of plays Fedora and La Tosca 6 letters SARDOU
Southernmost of the Inner Hebrides off the Scottish coast 5 letters ISLAY
Period of sixty minutes 4 letters HOUR

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