Mirror Quiz Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quiz Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

White Italian curd cheese 10 letters MOZZARELLA
Market town in Cornwall famous for its Hal-an-Tow pageant and Furry Dance 7 letters HELSTON
Alan — Scottish painter whose works include 1950’s Interior Exterior 5 letters DAVIE
Diluted drink of rum issued to the British Navy whose name derived from the nickname of admiral Edward Vernon 4 letters GROG
Port in Russia on the Kama River known as Molotov from 1940-62 4 letters PERM
17th letter in the Greek alphabet 3 letters RHO
Muscular organ of the female reproductive system 6 letters UTERUS
Evergreen tree of China with small yellow edible fruits 6 letters LOQUAT
Fruit-bearing tree whose leaves were reportedly used by Adam and Eve in the Bible to cover themselves 3 letters FIG
Back of the neck 4 letters NAPE
Dominic — snooker player; 2007 Shanghai Masters tournament winner 4 letters DALE
Largest French-speaking city in Belgium 5 letters LIEGE
Ilie — 1972 US Open singles tennis championship winner 7 letters NASTASE
Silvio — prime minister of Italy from 2008-11 10 letters BERLUSCONI
Town in the Scottish Borders Scotland housing a 12th-century abbey 7 letters MELROSE
Sixth letter in the Greek alphabet 4 letters ZETA
City and capital of Gelderland province the Netherlands 6 letters ARNHEM
1880 semi-autobiographical political novel by Benjamin Disraeli 8 letters ENDYMION
Rod — 1962 and 1969 calendar-year Grand Slam singles tennis championship winner 5 letters LAVER
1999 children’s book by Julia Donaldson 11 letters THEGRUFFALO
Athenian orator and prose writer who died in 322 BC 11 letters DEMOSTHENES
Scott — rugby union no 8; 1993 Wales Test debutant against Canada 8 letters QUINNELL
River in Peru that joins the Maranon River near the town of Nauta 7 letters UCAYALI
Leon — WBA Heavyweight champion from February-September 1978 6 letters SPINKS
Freshwater diving bird with lobed membranes along each toe 5 letters GREBE

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