Mirror Quick Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Latest possible time 12 letters ELEVENTHHOUR
From memory 7 letters BYHEART
Sum 5 letters TOTAL
Man-eating giant 4 letters OGRE
Provocation 6 letters REDRAG
Lid 5 letters COVER
Fungal timber decay 6 letters DRYROT
Revise 4 letters EDIT
Large bird of the crow family 5 letters RAVEN
Medium 7 letters AVERAGE
Game played with coins 12 letters PITCHANDTOSS
Lack of energy or vitality 8 letters LETHARGY
Of the kidneys 5 letters RENAL
Condition 5 letters STATE
Break into small pieces 7 letters SHATTER
Is obliged to 4 letters MUST
Decorative sewing 10 letters EMBROIDERY
Like an emu eg? 10 letters FLIGHTLESS
Decimal point 3 letters DOT
King 3 letters REX
Heating device 8 letters RADIATOR
Link together 7 letters CONNECT
Relating to birth 5 letters NATAL
Prepared 5 letters READY
Conceited 4 letters VAIN

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