Mirror Quick Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Binoculars for outdoor use 12 letters FIELDGLASSES
Clear an obstruction 7 letters UNBLOCK
Not warranted 5 letters UNDUE
Light haircut 4 letters TRIM
Drawing implement 6 letters PENCIL
Vends 5 letters SELLS
Kidnap 6 letters ABDUCT
Be familiar or friendly with 4 letters KNOW
Wading bird 5 letters EGRET
Bone in the leg 7 letters PATELLA
Forgetful inattentive 12 letters ABSENTMINDED
Recently constructed house 8 letters NEWBUILD
Supplementary component 5 letters ADDON
Chap guy 5 letters BLOKE
Takes for granted 7 letters ASSUMES
Nourish 4 letters FEED
Wavers varies 10 letters FLUCTUATES
Referee’s item 10 letters YELLOWCARD
Become semi-solid like jelly 3 letters SET
Thickness of wool 3 letters PLY
Bring to an end 8 letters CONCLUDE
Disperse 7 letters SCATTER
Malice 5 letters SPITE
Tarnish 5 letters STAIN
Steals from 4 letters ROBS

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