Mirror Quick Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Garment worn by an artist 5 letters SMOCK
Not any more 8 letters NOLONGER
Room in a roof 5 letters ATTIC
Type of wine 10 letters CHARDONNAY
Cross-continental 8 letters EURASIAN
Mend with stitches 4 letters DARN
Bird’s bill 4 letters BEAK
Business relations 8 letters DEALINGS
Kept secret 10 letters UNDERWRAPS
Work out the answer to 5 letters SOLVE
Unchanging 8 letters CONSTANT
Armistice 5 letters TRUCE
Horse’s home 6 letters STABLE
Stylish 4 letters CHIC
Sixty minutes 4 letters HOUR
Bedtime drink 5 letters COCOA
Problem page editor 9 letters AGONYAUNT
Colouring stick 6 letters CRAYON
Abyss 5 letters CHASM
Very large dog 9 letters GREATDANE
Perfect tennis serve 3 letters ACE
Applauds 5 letters CLAPS
Breakfast and lunch combined 6 letters BRUNCH
Shirt part 6 letters SLEEVE
Unruly children 5 letters BRATS
Smallest of a litter 4 letters RUNT

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