Mirror Quick Crossword January 24 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword January 24 2021 Answers:

Especially 12 letters PARTICULARLY
On the point of 7 letters ABOUTTO
Flashlight 5 letters TORCH
Make or become well 4 letters HEAL
Cold season 6 letters WINTER
Sudden fear 5 letters PANIC
Vehement or widespread protest 6 letters OUTCRY
Choir voice 4 letters ALTO
Noblemen 5 letters EARLS
Having died out 7 letters EXTINCT
Live within one’s means 12 letters MAKEENDSMEET
High and mighty 8 letters ARROGANT
Pool of money 5 letters KITTY
Private teacher 5 letters TUTOR
Of the stomach 7 letters GASTRIC
Pronounce indistinctly 4 letters SLUR
Toy weapon 10 letters PEASHOOTER
Temperature-regulating device 10 letters THERMOSTAT
Remuneration 3 letters PAY
Be victorious 3 letters WIN
Gifted 8 letters TALENTED
Thrive 7 letters PROSPER
Small coin 5 letters PENNY
Secret hoard 5 letters STASH
Genuine actual 4 letters REAL

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