Mirror Quick Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Careful and prudent with money 7 letters THRIFTY
Inner planet 5 letters VENUS
Pop the question! 7 letters PROPOSE
Respiratory disorder 6 letters ASTHMA
Shade of blue 5 letters AZURE
Sympathy 4 letters PITY
Watch carefully 7 letters OBSERVE
Shock or overwhelm 4 letters STUN
Branch of Islam 5 letters SUNNI
Spheres 6 letters GLOBES
Widen 7 letters BROADEN
Very light wood 5 letters BALSA
Tooth specialist 7 letters DENTIST
Level 10 letters HORIZONTAL
Actually present 8 letters INPERSON
Chuck 4 letters TOSS
Marries 4 letters WEDS
Shove 4 letters PUSH
Prize 5 letters AWARD
Absolutely still 10 letters MOTIONLESS
Remains of a fire 5 letters ASHES
Childishly sulky or bad-tempered 8 letters PETULANT
Gemstone 4 letters OPAL
Presenting few difficulties 4 letters EASY
Gaelic 4 letters ERSE

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