Mirror Quick Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Very skilled or proficient 5 letters ADEPT
Get off a horse 8 letters DISMOUNT
Football surface 5 letters GRASS
Garden flower 10 letters SNAPDRAGON
Evident 8 letters APPARENT
Desire 4 letters WISH
Unemployment payment 4 letters DOLE
Five-sided figure 8 letters PENTAGON
Act or power of moving 10 letters LOCOMOTION
Type of renewable energy 5 letters SOLAR
Criminal underworld 8 letters GANGLAND
Foe 5 letters ENEMY
Mohair 6 letters ANGORA
Go by 4 letters PASS
Speech defect 4 letters LISP
Fashionable upmarket 5 letters SMART
Expenses 9 letters OUTGOINGS
Foul smell 6 letters STENCH
Sleep noisily 5 letters SNORE
Candidate 9 letters APPLICANT
Originally called 3 letters NEE
Distinctive character 5 letters ETHOS
Torrential rain 6 letters DELUGE
Almost 6 letters NEARLY
Little 5 letters SMALL
Melody 4 letters TUNE
Part of speech 4 letters NOUN

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