Mirror Quick Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Type of orchestra 12 letters PHILHARMONIC
Countries 7 letters NATIONS
Regretful 5 letters SORRY
Hardens 4 letters SETS
Agile tree-dwelling ape 6 letters GIBBON
Bravery award 5 letters MEDAL
Unduly interested in death 6 letters MORBID
Hair from sheep 4 letters WOOL
Of the nose 5 letters NASAL
Pub doorman 7 letters BOUNCER
Without warning 12 letters OUTOFTHEBLUE
Tyrannical ruler 8 letters DICTATOR
Fire a weapon 5 letters SHOOT
Frozen dew 5 letters FROST
Surface layer of earth 7 letters TOPSOIL
Fibber 4 letters LIAR
Penalty imposed for an offence 10 letters PUNISHMENT
In general 10 letters BYANDLARGE
Traffic light colour 3 letters RED
Hiatus 3 letters GAP
Vegetable type 8 letters BROCCOLI
One thousand thousands 7 letters MILLION
Subside 5 letters ABATE
Female monarch 5 letters QUEEN
Closed 4 letters SHUT

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