Mirror Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Sacred song 5 letters PSALM
Slender in design or build 8 letters SLIMLINE
Identical 5 letters EQUAL
Ornamental 10 letters DECORATIVE
Enough sufficient 8 letters ADEQUATE
Rough particles of sand 4 letters GRIT
Pimple 4 letters SPOT
Narrowly-avoided collision 8 letters NEARMISS
Eradicate 10 letters OBLITERATE
Keen 5 letters EAGER
Handcuffs 8 letters MANACLES
Prose composition 5 letters ESSAY
Spanish dish 6 letters PAELLA
Be ahead in a race 4 letters LEAD
Low female singing voice 4 letters ALTO
Bedaub 5 letters SMEAR
Chinese gooseberry 9 letters KIWIFRUIT
Polite and respectable 6 letters DECENT
Madagascan primate 5 letters LEMUR
Flying machine 9 letters AEROPLANE
Foot part 3 letters TOE
Use a pen 5 letters WRITE
Tempestuous 6 letters STORMY
Fortified wine 6 letters SHERRY
Rod 5 letters STICK
Ridge of coral 4 letters REEF
Hearing organs 4 letters EARS

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