Mirror Quick Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Quick Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Likeness 10 letters SIMILARITY
Begrudges 7 letters RESENTS
Long concentrated look 5 letters STARE
End of a prayer 4 letters AMEN
Curved 4 letters BENT
Transgression 3 letters SIN
Female parent 6 letters MOTHER
Period of teaching 6 letters LESSON
Mesh 3 letters NET
Skinny 4 letters THIN
Pleasantly cold 4 letters COOL
Run away to wed 5 letters ELOPE
Regains 7 letters REDEEMS
Unite to defend common interests 10 letters CLOSERANKS
Consider likely 7 letters SUSPECT
Pit 4 letters MINE
Whips 6 letters LASHES
Flower-shaped badges 8 letters ROSETTES
Melts 5 letters THAWS
Tolerant in one’s views 11 letters BROADMINDED
Having no significance 11 letters MEANINGLESS
Fidgety 8 letters RESTLESS
Brief spells of rain 7 letters SHOWERS
Looking glass 6 letters MIRROR
Ugly cave-dwelling being 5 letters TROLL
Norse god 4 letters ODIN

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