Mirror Cryptic Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Harass an animal 6 letters BADGER
Dismissal of Wellington? 4 letters BOOT
We’re breaking jug 4 letters EWER
Canter off in a daze 6 letters TRANCE
Heard end of story 4 letters TALE
Trade in lead production 4 letters DEAL
Point stew out 4 letters WEST
Gladstone’s son 3 letters LAD
Knock style of music 3 letters RAP
Posted unravelling nets 4 letters SENT
Look noble 4 letters PEER
God of both orders 4 letters THOR
Volatile substance used at once 6 letters OCTANE
Spades not new get auctioned 4 letters SOLD
Regrets stratagem we hear 4 letters RUES
Festival involving a steer 6 letters EASTER
Stick to prohibition outside 5 letters BATON
Sketch a tie 4 letters DRAW
Rushes to get oboe parts 5 letters REEDS
Wager with a foreign character 4 letters BETA
Verbally get round meeting 6 letters ORALLY
Pace rated incorrectly 5 letters TREAD
College of note possibly 4 letters ETON
Language in another sentence 4 letters ERSE
Disagree with work and sit 6 letters OPPOSE
Reversible blade hub 5 letters ROTOR
Wear down queen with poem 5 letters ERODE
Pears used as a weapon 5 letters SPEAR
God of the roses 4 letters EROS
Desire wife to join worker 4 letters WANT

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