Mirror Cryptic Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Work or strike? 6 letters ACTION
Table in small scientist’s room 4 letters SLAB
Repeat in the choir 4 letters ECHO
Husky or another animal say 6 letters HOARSE
Whose is inside course? 4 letters OURS
Blue feathers 4 letters DOWN
Woman to sail away 4 letters LISA
Dog returned to supreme being 3 letters GOD
Teacher back in prison 3 letters SIR
Blessed with not as much 4 letters LESS
Time to order something 4 letters ITEM
Note changed in quality 4 letters TONE
Use space and stratagem 6 letters EMPLOY
People of basic language 4 letters CLAN
Dance film 4 letters REEL
Persist as a mythical reptile 6 letters DRAGON
Father returned and concealed bug 5 letters APHID
Mate is bad company 4 letters TEAM
Requires new seed to be cultivated 5 letters NEEDS
Reveal second method 4 letters SHOW
Laze in drawing room 6 letters LOUNGE
Established beads are used 5 letters BASED
Changes as to fodder 4 letters OATS
Lied about loaf 4 letters IDLE
Royal cost includes new top 6 letters PRINCE
Minor deity threw trays 5 letters SATYR
Journalist gets soldiers to improve 5 letters EMEND
Expert gets money after party 5 letters DOYEN
Distinguish from constellation 4 letters TELL
Advertise bung 4 letters PLUG

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