Mirror Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Initial friend on board 9 letters FIRSTMATE
Plants one after key performance 5 letters CACTI
Chart the French tree 5 letters MAPLE
Run off to get receptacle 3 letters URN
British artist in lingerie 3 letters BRA
The Roman’s conqueror 4 letters HERO
Point stain out and doesn’t go to cafe 6 letters EATSIN
Round bees terribly fat 5 letters OBESE
Fellow joins the Spanish church 6 letters CHAPEL
Great deal of service 4 letters MASS
Use a needle like this say 3 letters SEW
Teacher back in prison 3 letters SIR
Actor surplus to requirements 5 letters EXTRA
Children’s edition 5 letters ISSUE
Adjust rent again in country 9 letters ARGENTINA
Sustain trendy dog 5 letters INCUR
Hide second family 4 letters SKIN
Graduates have medium to small reptiles 6 letters MAMBAS
Pasta turned out to be Spanish food 5 letters TAPAS
Key choice about sport 9 letters ICEHOCKEY
Teens seen off in a state 9 letters TENNESSEE
Report returned with old soldier 7 letters TROOPER
Remit as arranged by deity 7 letters ARTEMIS
Swimmer feeling around 3 letters EEL
Watch out for flyer having struggle 6 letters BEWARE
Awake and fixing stair 5 letters ASTIR
Sonar involved in crime 5 letters ARSON
Sieve fits badly 4 letters SIFT

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