Mirror Cryptic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Film sprig 5 letters SHOOT
Swimmer’s new tutor 5 letters TROUT
That woman’s in the right 3 letters HER
Hear about British drug treatment 5 letters REHAB
Talk at zero speed 5 letters ORATE
Fewer around animal 3 letters EWE
Now overthrow is gained 3 letters WON
Catch in one trap 3 letters NET
Second person to sound like a sheep 3 letters YOU
Gold entrance initially was sweet 6 letters GATEAU
Dance film 4 letters REEL
Feat organising Greek export 4 letters FETA
Rip-off boy in the clink 6 letters PRISON
One writer’s novel 3 letters NEW
Swimmer feeling around 3 letters EEL
Snow White’s GP? 3 letters DOC
Are back for a long time 3 letters ERA
Point duel out to avoid 5 letters ELUDE
Bean shows sign of life 5 letters PULSE
Shade of credibility 3 letters RED
Met to design emblem 5 letters TOTEM
Three moved yonder 5 letters THERE
Inundate in the bathroom? 6 letters SHOWER
The Roman’s conqueror 4 letters HERO
Colour of zero scope 6 letters ORANGE
The first to hire a river 5 letters TRENT
Article thanks to foreign character 5 letters THETA
Unprepared for war breaking out 3 letters RAW
Honour your leader and submit 4 letters OBEY
In Paris you double the skirt 4 letters TUTU
European lake is creepy 5 letters EERIE
Choose new top 3 letters OPT
A record peak 3 letters ALP
Initially an alien ship 3 letters UFO
Level with first woman 3 letters EVE
Last to finish by river 6 letters ENDURE
Endorse account by journalist to a point 6 letters ACCEDE
Paper around large field 5 letters REALM
Steel broke in cold conditions 5 letters SLEET
Unfortunately sent home 4 letters NEST
Wife upset pet and broke down 4 letters WEPT
Socialist takes nothing back to river 4 letters ODER
Feel remorse the French way 3 letters RUE

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