Mirror Cryptic Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Chap with key to crypt 4 letters TOMB
Rail about fibber 4 letters LIAR
European staff 4 letters POLE
Way out of planet 4 letters LANE
Long story about a gas 4 letters SAGA
Food around strange dog say 7 letters CRUMPET
Betting on a spring 3 letters SPA
Art is performed for part of flight 5 letters STAIR
New scale for fasteners 5 letters LACES
Communication from a mile away 5 letters EMAIL
Challenged out of dread 5 letters DARED
Youngster of frugality 3 letters GAL
Furniture useful to an actor 7 letters DRESSER
Excellent game is played 4 letters MEGA
Become a father returning in derision 4 letters SIRE
Crude sort of weld 4 letters LEWD
Mail off to the country 4 letters MALI
Midge has unexpected tang 4 letters GNAT
Powder of vital cosmetics 4 letters TALC
Soldiers get acceptable range of food 4 letters MENU
Does order small portions of medications 5 letters DOSES
Member of whole group 3 letters LEG
Rubbish on a list 4 letters ROTA
Overdue having time for hot beverage 5 letters LATTE
A drama about some ships 6 letters ARMADA
It flickers at the end of three months 5 letters EMBER
When I get a lot of land 4 letters ASIA
Chief decorator’s last undercoat 6 letters PRIMER
Collect a great deal 5 letters AMASS
Local man gets peaceful 4 letters CALM
Small border – it’s like grass 5 letters SEDGE
Depicted as haggard 5 letters DRAWN
Miserable German left with hesitation 4 letters GLUM
Indication to mix gins 4 letters SIGN
Hire in Brentwood 4 letters RENT
Delighted with name 3 letters ELI

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