Mirror Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Tarnished instead sadly 7 letters STAINED
Paint treated a form of oxidation 6 letters PATINA
Defeated contestant sprinted as well 7 letters ALSORAN
The picture contains a story 4 letters EPIC
Cancellation includes room 4 letters CELL
Loud race developed into travesty 5 letters FARCE
Observe a sound 4 letters NOTE
Rent at different rate 4 letters TEAR
Easy to work with small dissertation 5 letters ESSAY
Loaned fast 4 letters LENT
Walk that’s measured say 4 letters WADE
Huge bird I can train 7 letters TITANIC
Slander from French celebrity 6 letters DEFAME
Milkman picks them up to spite me somehow 7 letters EMPTIES
Incentive for a horse? 4 letters SPUR
Retests out new ways 7 letters STREETS
Cultivated as in large mollusc 5 letters SNAIL
One of vital cosmetics 4 letters TALC
Single ladies to dance 8 letters ISOLATED
Daughter finds target – some food 6 letters DINNER
Nice land-worker has left 8 letters PLEASANT
Glucose containing leaves 3 letters COS
Novel in genuine resumption 7 letters RENEWAL
Act confused pet 3 letters CAT
Get comfortable at home with the French 6 letters NESTLE
New scale for fasteners 5 letters LACES
Extra expansive 4 letters WIDE
Happiness of German fellow 4 letters GLEE

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