Mirror Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

His cattle deployed for sport 9 letters ATHLETICS
Consumed by college say 5 letters EATEN
Honour for being badly lamed 5 letters MEDAL
Aged fool definitely has it 3 letters OLD
Last word from the cricket? 3 letters BYE
Unwisely rely on instrument 4 letters LYRE
Greek form of trance 6 letters CRETAN
Extra large fungus 5 letters MOREL
Tinny performance with English digit 6 letters NINETY
Lied about being lazy 4 letters IDLE
Wanting to include tiny creature 3 letters ANT
Some verse from Roderick 3 letters ODE
Pest involved with current ill will 5 letters SPITE
America has time for employment 5 letters USAGE
Argues again then rests ears maybe 9 letters REASSERTS
Trout’s new instructor 5 letters TUTOR
Country is dull but not initially 4 letters LAND
Sent remit with British sound 6 letters TIMBRE
Student acted oddly 5 letters CADET
Restock gets helpers in trouble 9 letters REPLENISH
Pressure to rule nerd out as a raider 9 letters PLUNDERER
Component that provides heat 7 letters ELEMENT
One can’t see they’re closed 7 letters EYELIDS
Shout about railway 3 letters CRY
Animals ordered to rest 6 letters OTTERS
A vine turned green 5 letters NAIVE
Handled transaction on time 5 letters DEALT
Housed around river 4 letters OUSE

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