Mirror Cryptic Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Constant inclination is a pain 5 letters CRAMP
Beer around a coat 5 letters PAINT
Bad actor in shambles 3 letters HAM
Finished on time that’s obvious 5 letters OVERT
Arise awkwardly at sign 5 letters ARIES
Faced with fighter pilot 3 letters ACE
Shade of credibility 3 letters RED
Hearsay about organ 3 letters EAR
Ruin in Denmark 3 letters MAR
Burden with second muddle 6 letters SADDLE
Devours a set recipe 4 letters EATS
New role for knowledge 4 letters LORE
Horror writer with twitch – symbolic 6 letters POETIC
Label a game 3 letters TAG
In favour of compromise 3 letters PRO
Wander out of terror 3 letters ERR
Unacceptable in the south 3 letters OUT
Working a lot with new nail 5 letters TALON
Whisper to a team 5 letters ASIDE
Nobel’s prize 3 letters OBE
I call out for some shade 5 letters LILAC
Frenchman has new tree to gauge 5 letters METER
Run to a fee 6 letters CHARGE
Unusual not to be well done 4 letters RARE
Between maids wasting time 6 letters AMIDST
Impersonated dopes oddly 5 letters POSED
Quiet nobleman is a gem 5 letters PEARL
Marched around bend 3 letters ARC
Time to order something 4 letters ITEM
God of both orders 4 letters THOR
Mathematical snake 5 letters ADDER
Port gets Ray drunk 3 letters AYR
Sap distressed reptile 3 letters ASP
Delighted with name 3 letters ELI
Silver on a stove 3 letters AGA
Cat visits old church a great deal 6 letters OCELOT
Student doesn’t start as a paid worker 6 letters EARNER
Choose to be in charge of vision 5 letters OPTIC
Met to design emblem 5 letters TOTEM
Distinguish from constellation 4 letters TELL
Girl has old aim 4 letters GOAL
Bore about dress 4 letters ROBE
Refusal to include land 3 letters USA

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