Mirror Cryptic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Amazed to have stumbled 9 letters STAGGERED
Paper around large field 5 letters REALM
Adjacent to a pine 5 letters ALONG
Has been returning saw 3 letters WAS
Doctor puts pressure on cleaner 3 letters MOP
Roasting outside oven 4 letters OAST
Modern centre design 6 letters RECENT
Flower smaller than a cello 5 letters VIOLA
Withstand drunken sister 6 letters RESIST
Started with quiche 4 letters TART
Father left as a friend 3 letters PAL
Permit to hire 3 letters LET
Moving near a venue 5 letters ARENA
Decorate road terribly new 5 letters ADORN
Calculator shows playground etiquette 9 letters SLIDERULE
What’s out melts 5 letters THAWS
Meg’s broken valuable items 4 letters GEMS
Terribly mean to the Spanish – that’s hard 6 letters ENAMEL
Escape to form union 5 letters ELOPE
Check evidence and scan 9 letters PROOFREAD
Upsetting giant – gait was wrong 9 letters AGITATING
Vital work by a new foreigner 7 letters LATVIAN
Found cold tea awful 7 letters LOCATED
Rubbish in grotto 3 letters ROT
Lads in trouble in isolated spot 6 letters ISLAND
Arrange letters for a while 5 letters SPELL
A charge to see tropical paradise 5 letters ATOLL

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