Mirror Cryptic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Landlady’s character 6 letters LETTER
Chief sobs uncontrollably 4 letters BOSS
The picture contains a story 4 letters EPIC
Takes out small fillets 6 letters STEAKS
Dance film 4 letters REEL
Lazy-sounding hero 4 letters IDOL
I return to a smidgeon 4 letters IOTA
Old husband got married with some resistance 3 letters OHM
Rushed out of France 3 letters RAN
We’re off to get a jug 4 letters EWER
Lucid French river say 4 letters SANE
Good time with a deity 4 letters FAUN
Look for a very quiet listener 6 letters APPEAR
Shout for right paddle 4 letters ROAR
Still in the venture 4 letters EVEN
Can see improvement in meeting 6 letters SEANCE
Exchange roles with no-hoper 5 letters LOSER
It grows in the street 4 letters TREE
Tries unsuccessfully to take exam again 5 letters RESIT
Writer from Zagreb ironically 4 letters BIRO
Cat visits old church a great deal 6 letters OCELOT
Males running witch hunt site 5 letters SALEM
Lead off to the valley 4 letters DALE
Hot place in Coventry 4 letters OVEN
Safeguard space and get positive 6 letters ENSURE
Search for a weapon 5 letters RIFLE
Damages goods we hear 5 letters WEARS
Lament ridge being lost 5 letters DIRGE
Soon get a French veto 4 letters ANON
Eager for knee operation 4 letters KEEN

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