Mirror Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Improved as a gambler 6 letters BETTER
Ask hoarsely for right snake 4 letters RASP
No westerner outside is obliged 4 letters OWES
Take offence say at a wedding 6 letters BRIDAL
Copies of tapestry 4 letters APES
Feeble sort of meal 4 letters LAME
Final use of salt 4 letters LAST
Copper gets point of signal 3 letters CUE
Appearing to have food 3 letters PEA
Climbing around branch 4 letters LIMB
Period of confusion say 4 letters DAYS
Notice about the ears 4 letters OTIC
Band unsettling priest 6 letters STRIPE
Our Duncan’s tongue 4 letters URDU
Attach a safety device 4 letters FUSE
Removed journalist after ages 6 letters ERASED
Anger about British book 5 letters BIBLE
Group causing riot? 4 letters TRIO
Turns to snacks 5 letters ROLLS
Dreaming about many sheets 4 letters REAM
Outlook changes space and time 6 letters ASPECT
I step out onto slope 5 letters PISTE
Tiny part of a cat 4 letters ATOM
Everything unknown to friend 4 letters ALLY
Surrounding area of a bone 6 letters RADIUS
Evidence of alcohol 5 letters PROOF
Children’s edition 5 letters ISSUE
Beg for new pedal 5 letters PLEAD
Race around some land 4 letters ACRE
Lack a young woman 4 letters MISS

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