Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Express remorse for terrible sepia logo 9 letters APOLOGISE
Talk about new slogan 5 letters CHANT
Swimming in her river 5 letters RHINE
Originally called in one engineer 3 letters NEE
Snitched about fool 3 letters NIT
Help make a wager 4 letters ABET
Calm queen seen running round 6 letters SERENE
Defeats pulses 5 letters BEATS
That woman’s lad upset messenger 6 letters HERALD
Loosen at a French party 4 letters UNDO
Aged fool definitely has it 3 letters OLD
Devoured more than seven say 3 letters ATE
Confuse by removing top of oar 5 letters ADDLE
Stop about to relax 5 letters CEASE
Hearts not affected by point 9 letters NORTHEAST
Flying conveyance’s surface 5 letters PLANE
Flutes surround another instrument 4 letters LUTE
Rang about alien rock 6 letters GARNET
Pest involved with current ill will 5 letters SPITE
Fight a lot to get some rubbish 9 letters SCRAPHEAP
Grew into a photograph? 9 letters DEVELOPED
Everyone bent round – first game 7 letters NETBALL
That woman’s outfit reportedly covered in hair 7 letters HIRSUTE
School head nowadays is gloomy 3 letters SAD
Most senior steed managed to get left 6 letters ELDEST
Drove to old show 5 letters RODEO
Gets closer from one arsenal 5 letters NEARS
Race around some land 4 letters ACRE

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