Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

The best dairy product 5 letters CREAM
A foundation is corrupt 5 letters ABASE
Hearsay about organ 3 letters EAR
Old exercise left to throw out 5 letters EXPEL
Terribly eager to concur 5 letters AGREE
Energy savings scheme 3 letters PEP
Lose argument about the Baltic say 3 letters SEA
Drink of character say 3 letters TEA
Offence of losing 3 letters SIN
Get comfortable at home with the French 6 letters NESTLE
Bird at two parties 4 letters DODO
Need to rearrange the garden 4 letters EDEN
Irritate with hypodermic 6 letters NEEDLE
Talk of argon say 3 letters GAS
Is more than one? 3 letters ARE
Faced with expert 3 letters ACE
Port gets Ray drunk 3 letters AYR
I call out for shade 5 letters LILAC
Meant to develop as an artist 5 letters MANET
Level with First Lady 3 letters EVE
Looks for joins say 5 letters SEEMS
Races round bits of land 5 letters ACRES
Stopped solving case with journalist 6 letters CEASED
Changed gear in anger 4 letters RAGE
Darren went off on a mission 6 letters ERRAND
Yours truly set new encounters 5 letters MEETS
Shock a quiet friend 5 letters APPAL
Insect of character say 3 letters BEE
Pals out of range 4 letters ALPS
Still in the venture 4 letters EVEN
Three become solvent 5 letters ETHER
Fired with fury 3 letters IRE
One worked for a long time 3 letters EON
Swimmer feeling around 3 letters EEL
Removal includes eggs 3 letters OVA
Merchant who gives you a hand 6 letters DEALER
Relatives have awfully nice points 6 letters NIECES
Listeners have new merits 5 letters EARNS
Greek character’s mouth 5 letters DELTA
Gasp terribly at holes 4 letters GAPS
Not different from this America 4 letters SAME
Caught greeting in cavern 4 letters CAVE
May return some food 3 letters YAM

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