Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Crossing place in ruins 7 letters PELICAN
Boar is travelling line on a map 6 letters ISOBAR
Detectives turned into strange speech 7 letters DICTION
Become a father returning in derision 4 letters SIRE
Bishop has single skull say 4 letters BONE
Scope in the morning section 5 letters AMBIT
God of the roses 4 letters EROS
Mary upset the men 4 letters ARMY
Roman destroyed hall 5 letters MANOR
Phase pets out 4 letters STEP
Pale sort of request 4 letters PLEA
Money earned concerning location 7 letters REVENUE
Correct ordinarily about cleric 6 letters RECTOR
Point to mine having the moniker 7 letters EPITHET
Rent is increased we hear 4 letters HIRE
Moons no different in rainy season 7 letters MONSOON
Drape around chaplain 5 letters PADRE
Creepy-sounding lake 4 letters ERIE
Suggest getting close 8 letters INTIMATE
Tinny performance with English digit 6 letters NINETY
Cheeky swimming above the Isle of Wight? 8 letters INSOLENT
British artist in lingerie 3 letters BRA
The bard reinvented dimension 7 letters BREADTH
One politician is a scamp 3 letters IMP
Come out east and join 6 letters EMERGE
Steel broke in cold conditions 5 letters SLEET
Peru turned out to be refreshing 4 letters PURE
Reportedly praise a peer 4 letters LORD

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