Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Circulate butter say 6 letters SPREAD
Maid ran between 4 letters AMID
Cure using shade 4 letters ECRU
Distance equal to time 6 letters PARSEC
Melanie has style 4 letters ELAN
Old friend gets a stone 4 letters OPAL
Heard flag formed part of a car 4 letters TYRE
Fewer around animal 3 letters EWE
Animal gives party energy 3 letters DOE
Story’s thread 4 letters YARN
Doom to changing demeanour 4 letters MOOD
German boy is happy 4 letters GLAD
Mad in Parisian river say 6 letters INSANE
Lied about being lazy 4 letters IDLE
Large amount of cotton socks 4 letters TONS
Joined the team 6 letters UNITED
Great purse ruined 5 letters SUPER
Unusual not to be well done 4 letters RARE
Cracked code with right ornamentation 5 letters DECOR
Part of the Far East 4 letters AREA
Fish of questionable style 6 letters MULLET
Needs new compact 5 letters DENSE
Look noble 4 letters PEER
Fluctuate like a toy 4 letters YOYO
Keep marine working 6 letters REMAIN
A number enjoy something 5 letters DIGIT
Farewell from a French deity 5 letters ADIEU
Beg for new pedal 5 letters PLEAD
Unusual to get second chances 4 letters ODDS
Huge vats are used 4 letters VAST

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