Mirror Classic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Ship’s officer 9 letters FIRSTMATE
Prickly plants 5 letters CACTI
Type of syrup 5 letters MAPLE
Vase 3 letters URN
Undergarment 3 letters BRA
Idol 4 letters HERO
Dines at home 6 letters EATSIN
Overweight 5 letters OBESE
Small church 6 letters CHAPEL
Large amount 4 letters MASS
Darn 3 letters SEW
Term of respect 3 letters SIR
Additional 5 letters EXTRA
Matter 5 letters ISSUE
South American nation 9 letters ARGENTINA
Suffer 5 letters INCUR
Epidermis 4 letters SKIN
Snakes 6 letters MAMBAS
Selection of small dishes 5 letters TAPAS
Team sport 9 letters ICEHOCKEY
US state 9 letters TENNESSEE
Cavalryman 7 letters TROOPER
Greek goddess 7 letters ARTEMIS
Long fish 3 letters EEL
Look out 6 letters BEWARE
Excited 5 letters ASTIR
Fire-raising 5 letters ARSON
Remove coarse particles 4 letters SIFT

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