Mirror Classic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Fire 5 letters SHOOT
Food fish 5 letters TROUT
Pronoun 3 letters HER
Dependence treatment 5 letters REHAB
Speak in public 5 letters ORATE
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
Was victorious 3 letters WON
Mesh 3 letters NET
Thee 3 letters YOU
Cake 6 letters GATEAU
Stagger 4 letters REEL
Crumbly cheese 4 letters FETA
Jail 6 letters PRISON
Fresh 3 letters NEW
Long fish 3 letters EEL
Medic informally 3 letters DOC
Age 3 letters ERA
Evade 5 letters ELUDE
Beat 5 letters PULSE
Colour 3 letters RED
Symbol 5 letters TOTEM
In that place 5 letters THERE
Brief rainfall 6 letters SHOWER
Idol 4 letters HERO
Fruit 6 letters ORANGE
English river 5 letters TRENT
Greek letter 5 letters THETA
Uncooked 3 letters RAW
Comply 4 letters OBEY
Ballet skirt 4 letters TUTU
Supernatural 5 letters EERIE
Choose 3 letters OPT
Mountain 3 letters ALP
Flying saucer 3 letters UFO
Previous day 3 letters EVE
Survive 6 letters ENDURE
Agree to 6 letters ACCEDE
Kingdom 5 letters REALM
Semi-frozen precipitation 5 letters SLEET
Bird’s home 4 letters NEST
Cried 4 letters WEPT
European river 4 letters ODER
Regret 3 letters RUE

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