Mirror Classic Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Mausoleum 4 letters TOMB
Dishonest person 4 letters LIAR
Post 4 letters POLE
Country road 4 letters LANE
Prose narrative 4 letters SAGA
Flat savoury cake 7 letters CRUMPET
Belgian town 3 letters SPA
Step 5 letters STAIR
Shoe ties 5 letters LACES
Electronic message 5 letters EMAIL
Was brave enough 5 letters DARED
Young woman 3 letters GAL
Furniture item 7 letters DRESSER
Wonderful 4 letters MEGA
Father 4 letters SIRE
Suggestive 4 letters LEWD
African country 4 letters MALI
Biting insect 4 letters GNAT
Bathroom powder 4 letters TALC
Bill of fare 4 letters MENU
Amounts of medicine 5 letters DOSES
Limb 3 letters LEG
Schedule 4 letters ROTA
Type of coffee 5 letters LATTE
Fleet 6 letters ARMADA
Glowing coal 5 letters EMBER
Continent 4 letters ASIA
Exercise book 6 letters PRIMER
Assemble 5 letters AMASS
Serene 4 letters CALM
Marsh plant 5 letters SEDGE
Sketched 5 letters DRAWN
Sullen 4 letters GLUM
Gesture 4 letters SIGN
Lease 4 letters RENT
Biblical priest 3 letters ELI

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