Mirror Classic Crossword January 24 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword January 24 2021 Answers:

Slow song 6 letters BALLAD
Ale 4 letters BEER
Street 4 letters ROAD
Schedule 6 letters AGENDA
Peel 4 letters RIND
English county 4 letters KENT
Raced 4 letters SPED
Be indebted to 3 letters OWE
Sprint 3 letters RUN
Casserole 4 letters STEW
Layer 4 letters TIER
Manner of walking 4 letters GAIT
Turn up 6 letters ARRIVE
Peruse 4 letters READ
Those people 4 letters THEM
Landed property 6 letters ESTATE
Insipid 5 letters BLAND
Vegetable 4 letters LEEK
Male duck 5 letters DRAKE
Outbuilding 4 letters BARN
Newspaper boss 6 letters EDITOR
Embankment 5 letters RIDGE
Margin 4 letters EDGE
Sit 4 letters POSE
Whole 6 letters ENTIRE
Correct 5 letters RIGHT
Deal 5 letters TRADE
Topic 5 letters THEME
Unit 4 letters ITEM
Prima donna 4 letters DIVA

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