Mirror Classic Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Muscle twinge 5 letters CRAMP
Emulsion 5 letters PAINT
Type of pork 3 letters HAM
Observable 5 letters OVERT
Zodiac Ram 5 letters ARIES
Playing card 3 letters ACE
Colour 3 letters RED
Head part 3 letters EAR
Spoil 3 letters MAR
Riding seat 6 letters SADDLE
Consumes 4 letters EATS
Tradition 4 letters LORE
Figurative 6 letters POETIC
Sticker 3 letters TAG
Expert 3 letters PRO
Stray 3 letters ERR
Not at home 3 letters OUT
Claw 5 letters TALON
Remark for the audience 5 letters ASIDE
Award 3 letters OBE
Flower 5 letters LILAC
Measuring device 5 letters METER
Demand payment 6 letters CHARGE
Seldom seen 4 letters RARE
Among 6 letters AMIDST
Presented 5 letters POSED
Jewel 5 letters PEARL
Curve 3 letters ARC
Unit 4 letters ITEM
Norse deity 4 letters THOR
Viper 5 letters ADDER
Scottish port 3 letters AYR
Serpent 3 letters ASP
Biblical priest 3 letters ELI
Ottoman ruler 3 letters AGA
Wild feline 6 letters OCELOT
Breadwinner 6 letters EARNER
Drinks dispenser 5 letters OPTIC
Symbol 5 letters TOTEM
Inform 4 letters TELL
Target 4 letters GOAL
Gown 4 letters ROBE
America 3 letters USA

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