Mirror Classic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Reeled 9 letters STAGGERED
Kingdom 5 letters REALM
Beside 5 letters ALONG
Has been 3 letters WAS
Cleaning implement 3 letters MOP
Hop kiln 4 letters OAST
Fresh 6 letters RECENT
Stringed instrument 5 letters VIOLA
Oppose 6 letters RESIST
Flan 4 letters TART
Chum 3 letters PAL
Allow 3 letters LET
Amphitheatre 5 letters ARENA
Embellish 5 letters ADORN
Calculating device 9 letters SLIDERULE
Defrosts 5 letters THAWS
Jewels 4 letters GEMS
Tooth covering 6 letters ENAMEL
Run off to wed 5 letters ELOPE
Check a manuscript 9 letters PROOFREAD
Stirring up trouble 9 letters AGITATING
From Riga? 7 letters LATVIAN
Positioned 7 letters LOCATED
Decay 3 letters ROT
Place surrounded by water 6 letters ISLAND
Magic formula 5 letters SPELL
Coral reef 5 letters ATOLL
Den 4 letters LAIR

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