Mirror Classic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Epistle 6 letters LETTER
Leader 4 letters BOSS
Long poem 4 letters EPIC
Cuts of meat 6 letters STEAKS
Stagger 4 letters REEL
Object of worship 4 letters IDOL
Tiny amount 4 letters IOTA
Unit of resistance 3 letters OHM
Sprinted 3 letters RAN
Pitcher 4 letters EWER
Rational 4 letters SANE
Rural god 4 letters FAUN
Seem 6 letters APPEAR
Bellow 4 letters ROAR
Level 4 letters EVEN
Spiritualists’ meeting 6 letters SEANCE
Defeated contestant 5 letters LOSER
Large shrub 4 letters TREE
Take a test again 5 letters RESIT
Ballpoint pen 4 letters BIRO
Wild cat 6 letters OCELOT
Massachusetts city 5 letters SALEM
Glen 4 letters DALE
Kiln 4 letters OVEN
Make certain 6 letters ENSURE
Firearm 5 letters RIFLE
Erodes 5 letters WEARS
Sad song 5 letters DIRGE
Unknown 4 letters ANON
Enthusiastic 4 letters KEEN

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