Mirror Classic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Superior 6 letters BETTER
Coarse file 4 letters RASP
Is indebted to 4 letters OWES
Nuptial 6 letters BRIDAL
Primates 4 letters APES
Crippled 4 letters LAME
Ultimate 4 letters LAST
Snooker stick 3 letters CUE
Vegetable 3 letters PEA
Body part 4 letters LIMB
Quite a while! 4 letters DAYS
Of the ears 4 letters OTIC
Decorative line 6 letters STRIPE
Asian language 4 letters URDU
Circuit breaker 4 letters FUSE
Rubbed out 6 letters ERASED
Holy text 5 letters BIBLE
Threesome 4 letters TRIO
Tumbles 5 letters ROLLS
Amount of paper 4 letters REAM
Feature 6 letters ASPECT
Ski run 5 letters PISTE
Particle 4 letters ATOM
Companion 4 letters ALLY
Arm bone 6 letters RADIUS
Verification 5 letters PROOF
Matter 5 letters ISSUE
Implore 5 letters PLEAD
Unit of area 4 letters ACRE
Fail to hit 4 letters MISS

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